Hip Prosthesis

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A hip prosthesis is used to replace either one of the two articular surfaces where the cartilage is worn, or both: the head (and the femoral neck) and the acetabulum.

The prostheses used are therefore composed, like the femur, of a head (ball) and a neck that will replace respectively the head and neck of the femur. The neck of the prosthesis is extended by a tail that will anchor inside the femur.

On the other side, the acetabulum is reinforced by the acetabulum portion of the prosthesis .

Walking back should be done gradually. It is important that the patient follow the advice of the treating physician or medical team. Generally, a chair is needed to move on the first day. Gradually, the patient resumes walking, often accompanied by crutches to relax the muscles and not make much effort for the hip (three to four weeks).

Rehabilitation is not mandatory. It may be necessary if you are contacted quickly to make great efforts in your daily activities (your home is on several floors, you must resume your activities …).

After one month, the patient can usually resume normal walking. However, it is advisable to use a cane to relieve the hip. Most often, the operated patient can return to work after 2 months and a half, 3 months.

However, after this intervention, the patient must regularly follow his or her physician or rheumatologist. For this purpose, regular visits should be made to the surgeon: 2 to 3 months after the surgery, and then about the sixth month and the following year. After that, the annual examination is desirable.

Today, about 30,000 people a year receive hip compensation. In general, this allows a marked improvement in motion and a significant reduction in pain for several years. However, in younger people, some pain may recur after 15 years due to artificial dilution. We must therefore consider changing them.

Today, the installation of a new artificial device gives good results.
Generally, the scar is in the buttocks. But according to the surgeon, it is possible to be located on the outer (or even front) side of the hip.


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